My Partners

Our work is fuelled by our passion, a clear objective, and a strong sense of purpose.

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do, and I take great pleasure in working together towards a common goal. Together with a global team of advisors, professors, speakers, and program leaders, we co-create programs for joint clients.

I'm thrilled to have a long-standing collaboration with a group of colleagues who share the same values and work ethic as me. We all work passionately, putting our hearts into every project, and with a strong focus on people and results. Allow me to introduce my "partners in all times" to you.

Jacco Dros

Unconventional Consultant and Facilitator

Jacco's expertise is in bringing fresh ideas to businesses, educational institutions, governments, and NGOs. He is enthusiastic, creative, and slightly stubborn, but above all, he is true to himself.

Wim Luteijn

A Business Consultant with a Flair for Creativity and Intuition.

Wim's coaching approach is grounded in vision and strategy, inspiring teams to work together in a positive, constructive and innovative way. His aim is to create a work environment that is both motivational and inspiring.

Elmira Nijhuis

Assisting in Complicated Circumstances as an Advisor

Elmira thrives in complex situations, particularly those involving stubborn professionals or critical directors and managers. She has a genuine love for people and believes in developing together. Her values revolve around transparency, equality, and vulnerability. 

Joep Stassen

Comedian for Corporate Events

Joep is a multi-talented professional who uses his skills and sense of humour to motivate people. With his expertise in economics and business, he can help you get things done while keeping things light-hearted.