Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reinder, you guarantee results, how then?

    You may think when you read my site: yes, yes ... fancy talk. That's why I like to make my promises hard. I guarantee you that my approach provides concrete, lasting impact.“Maak hier een afspraak” Voordat ik een programma start, stel ik eerst een heldere businesscase met je op: is jullie investering reëel? Ik beloof je dat mijn inzet zich ruim terugverdient. En ben je na de startsessies niet tevreden? Dan stuur ik geen factuur.

  • As a manager, can't I just do what you do?

    Of course! Preferably so. The question is: why doesn't it work well so far then? Do you as a manager perhaps have insufficient time to properly address the challenge at hand? Or insufficient distance - after all, you are in "the same soup"? Call me especially if you think: that Reinder might mean something here. Invite me for an introductory meeting. Within fifteen minutes you will know whether we will go on the adventure together!

  • Reinder, do you really always get everyone along?

    Yes! It may sound crazy, but in the more than 25 years that I have been coaching renewal and change in organizations, I manage to get very different people to participate (again) time and time again. The secret? Of course I use my expertise and proven methodologies. But the core is that people trust me, feel safe. Even negative thoughts are allowed to be there. I believe: when people say "no," there is always some truth in that. What is missing? I get that to the surface. And when we add that, everyone is happy.

  • Does it always have to be so positive, like Tsjakkááá!?

    No, certainly not. The trick is to get what's on the table honestly. How would it be if you said what is really there? With me, people can say anything. I listen between the lines and only give the broad outlines back to the group or management. The resulting solution is, of course, a positive one. Collaborations run more smoothly again. People pick things up again, because they see solutions and feel responsible for them.

  • Say Reinder, can't we just do a fun afternoon with the team?

    What do you think: in 3 hours in a team with hassles getting their noses in the same direction? In 3 hours getting a team that worked for 10 years under a manager who didn't tolerate feedback to "take ownership" and "come up with creative ideas"? Yeah duh, can you believe it yourself? It is precisely because I return, keep a finger on the pulse and make adjustments that lasting change takes place. After a program like Top Teams you don't recognize a team after a year!