My Drive

Do not talk about, but with each other

Every person would prefer to be inspired and enjoy working (together). I am convinced of that. But too much work pressure and silos in organizations cloud the view of the big goals. People talk more about each other than with each other. Or they dig in their heels. Goodbye job satisfaction, goodbye efficiency and goodbye customer satisfaction ...

Mijn werkwijze
Niet praten óver, maar mét elkaar
Everyone is participating (again)!

It is my passion to give people a fresh, clear perspective again. Getting them to look in the right direction. I love bringing people together. To make sure everyone really participates (again). That's my specialty.

Heads together

How do I manage that? One thing always helps: get everyone together and openly discuss what's really going on. It makes you feel lighter. This is guaranteed to release new energy to work together on goals that matter. For me, the core of my work is: 'Do you want better results? Then above all, improve the contact between people!'

From advice to work floor

After my business studies at Nijmegen University, I started my career in 1999 at Ernst & Young Consulting. After several years of advising on marketing-strategic and commercial issues, I wanted to do more than just make analyses and present nice plans and reports in the boardroom. I wanted to realize innovations in contact with the shop floor, the people who ultimately have to do it and who often have the best ideas.

Reason enough to trade a great job for a practice of my own. Then the real adventure began. Since 2003 I have been stimulating people and teams to work better (together). In the Netherlands, but also internationally, for example on Curaçao and in South Africa.

I stand for People, Planet, Profit and Fun and prefer to work on 'Business for Good'.