My Drive

Communicate with each other, not about each other.

It's no secret that everyone wants to be inspired and enjoy working together. However, excessive workloads and organizational silos can obstruct the view of your company's big goals. Instead of communicating with one another, employees tend to discuss matters among themselves or become more rigid in their views. This can lead to a drop in job satisfaction, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mijn werkwijze
Niet praten óver, maar mét elkaar
Let's get everyone involved once more!

Helping people achieve a renewed, fresh perspective is my passion. My goal is to bring individuals together and point them in the right direction. I take pride in rekindling participation and engagement, and it's something I specialize in.

Gather everyone in a single location.

Wondering how to achieve success in your workplace? One simple solution is to bring everyone together and have an open discussion about what's really going on. This approach can be a great relief and generate new energy to work together on important goals. Remember that the key to success lies in improving communication between people. For me, the core of my work is this: if you want to see better results, focus on improving interpersonal relationships.

Transitioning from Being an Advisor to a Collaborator in the Workplace

In 1999, I completed my Business Administration studies at the University of Nijmegen and Copenhagen Business School and launched my career at EY Consulting. Though I enjoyed advising on marketing strategies and commercial matters, I wanted to do more than just analyse. I yearned to implement innovations in collaboration with the shop floor - where the real work takes place and where the best ideas often emerge. I desired to see tangible results rather than just presenting beautiful plans and reports that would end up in some drawer.

The decision to trade in a great job for my own practice was a compelling one. Since 2003, I've been dedicated to inspiring individuals and teams to work better in the Netherlands and abroad, including Curaçao and South Africa.

My Work Philosophy: Prioritizing People, Planet, Profit, and Fun Through "Business for Good"