Top Teams Program

Top Teams Program

Improving Job Satisfaction and Performance

Implementing these three Core Principles to Achieve Success Is your team lacking a clear direction and focus? It's time to consider my Top Teams program. I'll help your team establish the three core principles for success and work together towards achieving the desired outcomes.

Achieving Focus, Alignment, and Inspiration alignment and inspiration

As a certified Best Year Yet team coach with two decades of experience, I have developed a powerful and straightforward annual program that can transform your team's productivity. Top Teams is a simple yet highly effective solution that can help you achieve your goals .

How does the Top Teams program work?

The foundation of the program is built upon three key pillars:

A 1.5 day workshop to establish a strong team and develop a clear, concise plan that everyone is on board with. We'll condense everything onto one A4 sheet for easy reference.

A half-day workshop to help each team member turn their individual ambitions into personal plans.

A monthly follow-up program (2-4 hours) where I'll guide your team in achieving its plan collaboratively and enjoyably.

  • Achieving success with collective effort and energy
  • Increased productivity, higher profits, and sustainable growth
  • Greater emphasis on customer satisfaction and building customer relationships
  • Supporting personal and team development
  • Creating a synergistic work environment

Deciding when to use the Top Teams Program

It's common for my clients to ask me to create a TopTeams program that includes:

  • On-the-job team building
  • Achieving sales breakthroughs
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Decreasing absenteeism rates
  • Increasing performance
  • Fostering intrinsic motivation
  • Cultivating a positive culture
  • Strategic planning and implementation

What are the outcomes of Top Teams?

  • Clarity: in understanding what needs to be done
  • Focus : on the goal at hand
  • Involvement: in implementation and performance
  • Visibility: who does what with what result