Top Teams Program

Programma TOP TEAMS

Performance and job satisfaction with the TopTeams program

Is your team not yet working from these three core principles? Then it's time for a TopTeams program. Together we create clarity and focus to achieve success: the results you want to achieve.

Focus , alignment and inspiration

TopTeams is a powerful and simple annual program. A program I built and developed with 20 years of experience as a certified Best Year Yet teamcoach.

What does Top Teams deliver?

The program rests upon three strong pillars:

A one and a half day workshop in which we build a powerful team and formulate a concrete plan that everyone supports. A clear plan on 1 A4 sheet.

A half-day workshop to incorporate individual ambitions into personal plans

A follow-up program of 2 to 4 hours per month in which I guide your team to achieve its own plan together and have fun.

  • Team spirit, success, energy
  • Higher productivity, profits, growth
  • Greater customer focus and customer satisfaction
  • Personal and team development
  • Synergy

When to employ Top Teams program?

Clients often ask us to organize Meaningful Meetings to:

  • Teambuilding on the job
  • Sales breakthroughs
  • Stress relief
  • Absenteeism reduction
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Cultural Change
  • Strategic planning & implementation

How does the Top Teams program work?

  • Clarity: on what needs to be done
  • Focus: on the goal
  • Involvement: in implementation and performance
  • Visibility: who does what with what result