Guiding Renewal

Renewing must be done together

Support and energy in renewal

Sensing people and getting them on board for new policies. I excel at that. I enjoy supervising renewal projects. Small and large. Clients sometimes say: 'Hey Reinder, can you organize the support base? You bring such a nice positive vibe. But it does not work that way: innovation is something you do together. I put people together and provide support and new energy.

What does innovation provide?


  • Coming out of their old story
  • Feel like it again
  • Seeing solutions themselves
  • Work smoother, easier and thus more effective
  • Do things themselves because they see solutions

And that naturally leads to your team, department or organization achieving better results! Gegarandeerd.

When do you innovate?

Clients often ask us to guide innovation to:

  • Hassle and poor cooperation
  • Established patterns, stuck in the past
  • Lack of ownership
  • Projects that are struggling
  • People who fail to meet deadlines
  • People who make things very complicated, lost in de system, and so do not get to their real work
  • Teams that have lost focus: what are we really doing?

How does the renewal guidance go?

How I proceed depends on your question and goal. But I always go back with people to the core: what is it about? How can we arrange things in a smart and easy way?

Strange eyes compel. As an outsider, I can ask enlightening - sometimes confrontational - questions that are harder to ask as a manager. Offer new perspectives. Simplify what seems oh so complicated. This makes it clear to people what is going on. They see solutions for themselves.

I also make sure that solutions are implemented. And I come back. Talk to people again. Give a pat on the head here, a kick in the butt there. Of course I use tried and tested methods and techniques. Whatever I do, the result is always: support, focus and new energy!