My Approach

My expertise lies in assisting with both the "what" and "how."

Tailored Solutions to Accommodate Your Specific Needs. I specialize in customizing my work to align with your unique requirements. Whether it's advising on the 'what' or 'how' of changes and innovations, I'm here to help. I can work alongside your team, organization, or any relevant parties within your network.

Shall we meet?
Ik help bij het ‘wat’ en het ‘hoe’

1. Determine Your Ambition: What Are Your Goals

Let's work collaboratively to shape, refine, or develop our ideas. While the frameworks are often established, the key is to intelligently combine insights and ensure that everyone is on board.

2. Execution: What is your plan for executing this?

Going Beyond Concepts and Plans. We don't just stop at having great ideas and plans. Together we’ll take the necessary steps to bring these ambitions to fruition. We believe in organized and practical steps that motivate people to work towards their goals. I act as an energetic driving force to keep everyone motivated and on track.

My methods and instruments are tried and true.

My approach to each new assignment involves utilizing a range of tried and tested methodologies and tools that I am certified in or have received training on:

AEM-Cube, ACT-Cube and S-Curve

Tools for Forecasting and Structuring Organizational Growth and Advancement

Strategic Doing - Agile Strategy

Through connecting, aligning and leveraging available resources, this tool empowers leaders to rapidly establish collaborations and bring everyone closer towards achieving measurable results.

3 Laws of Performance, Coaching & Team Empowerment

Unlock Remarkable and Sustainable Results by Revealing Hidden Conversations.

Deep Democracy, Lewis Method

Leverage the Power of Minority Wisdom.

Best Year Yet Approach

Experience Results and Business Transformation with Our Global Executive and Team Coaching Network.

Open Space Technology - World Café

Facilitating Large Group Interactions: A Method for Both Personal and Organizational Transformation

Appreciative Inquiry

A method of organizational development that emphasizes a positive approach to change. By focusing on strengths, opportunities, and successes, organizations can create a more positive and productive work environment.

Purposeful Organizations

Creating positive social and environmental impact as well as financial sustainability. A strong sense of purpose is communicated clearly and consistently to all stakeholders.


Identifying Personality Types through Observable and Unobservable Behaviors.

Organizational Constellations + Brand Constellations

Gives valuable insight into the complex and often hidden dynamics within teams, communities, and organizations. Brand constellations are a powerful tool for businesses to better understand their brand and how it fits within the larger market.

International Biocentric Principles

Utilizing the Rolando Toro Araneda system, we aim to encourage and cultivate human potential on a global scale.


Educational Institute; The register for providers of the Central Register of Short Professional Education.

Ernst & Young Consulting

Leadership Training: Enhancing Facilitation Skills: engaging your team and creating a dynamic environment for collaboration and growth. Global Consulting Skills: excel in today's interconnected business world.

Paul Postma Marketing Consultancy

Consulting Services for Marketing Strategies Adopting a Customer-Centric Mindset and Approach

Scrum for Business

Implementing Agile Methodology in Business Operations


This approach uncovers an individual's personality style, communication approach, and behavioral preferences.