My Methods

I help with the 'what' and the 'how'

Customization is what I always deliver. I help with the 'what' and 'how' of changes and innovations. With your team, your organization or parties from your network.

Let's Meet
Ik help bij het ‘wat’ en het ‘hoe’

Ambition: what do you want to accomplish?

We will shape, sharpen or elaborate that together. The frameworks are usually known, now it's about cleverly combining insights. And making sure you get your people on board.

Realization: How will you realize this?

We don't stop at nice ideas, words and plans. We organize and realize ambitions in clear steps. People get to work motivated. I act as an energetic booster.

I work with proven methods and tools

In each change task, I work with various proven working methods and tools, in which I am certified or trained.

AEM-Cube, ACT-Cube and S-Curve

Tools to predict and organize organizational growth and development.

Strategic Doing - Agile Strategy

Enables leaders to quickly set up collaborations and move everyone toward measurable results by connecting, aligning and leveraging available resources.

3 Laws of Performance, Coaching & Team Empowerment

Achieve sustainable and extraordinary results by making hidden conversations visible.

Deep Democracy, Lewis Method

Wisdom of the minority.

Best Year Yet Approach

A global network for Executive and Team Coaching for results and transformation of organizations.

Open Space Technology - World Café

Method for personal transformation and organizational transformation.

Appreciative Inquiry

Method of engaging all stakeholders in a self-determined change.

Purposeful Organizations

Transformational leadership within organizations, to lead organizations to solve a specific problem in the world.


Makes personality types visible from visible and invisible behaviors.


Provides insight into invisible and complex dynamics in teams, communities and organizations.

International Biocentric Principles

Stimulates and develops human potential based on the globally applied Rolando Toro Araneda system.


Educational Institute; The register for providers of the Central Register of Short Professional Education.

Ernst & Young Consulting

Facilitation Skills for Leadership training Global Consulting Skills

Paul Postma Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Strategy Consulting Customer Oriented Thinking and Acting

Scrum for Business

Agile way of working in businesses


Reveals personality styles, communication styles and behavioural preferences.